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Unleash Synergy creates engaging discussions on Holistic Mental Health, Personal Growth, Deepening Relationships, Sexual Wellness and more that connect people and teams in positive and meaningful ways.

Evguenia is an engaging and exciting speaker who fills rooms such as University of Toronto and York auditoriums, Coca Cola Vitamin Water XXX pop-up experiences, high net worth women summit, private female corporate group events and many others with laughter, energy, and most importantly life-changing concepts that keep audiences returning for more. 

Evguenia facilitates an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort, trust, confidence and authenticity.

With years dedicated to education and research, Evguenia has amassed a wealth of knowledge, empowering and motivating listeners to explore their personal gifts and progress further on the path to living authentically-aligned lives filled with love, pleasure, self-acceptance, connection, and passion.


evguenia's bio

Evguenia is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree in progress and certification in Energy Healing and Sex Therapy Training. With 13 years of experience in holistic counseling and sexual education, she specializes in one-on-one, couples, and group sessions covering mental health, personal growth, relationships, sexual wellness, ethical non-monogamy, and kink.

She has worked with clients like Coca-Cola Vitamin Water XXX, University of Toronto, York University, and Foria, offering program creation and public speaking. Through her YouTube channel, she inspires over 100,000 individuals to deepen connections and embrace bliss. Evguenia’s approach integrates modern theories with traditional healing practices, emphasizing compassion, non-judgment, ethical non-monogamy, kink-positivity, spiritual openness, and 2SLGBTQ+ affirmation.

Evguenia’s heart's biggest desire is to help clients discover their gifts and live fuller authentically aligned lives full of love, pleasure, and authenticity.

Some of the past speaking engagements included:

  • Taboo/Everything to do with Sex Show
    “Energy Orgasms” and “Relationship Spice” workshops
  • Coca Cola / VitaminWater XXX, Nourishment for every “you” campaign
    Multiple presentations focused on self love and sensual expression including Energy Orgasms, Embracing our Sexual self, Relationship Spectrum, Playful Sexuality
  • DoveTail, High net worth women entrepreneur summit
    “Aligning with the truth within and Open / Alternative Relationships”
  • Private female corporate group event
    “Pleasure, Relationship Spice and Multitude of Orgasms”
  • York University
    “Polyamory 101”
  • Foria, Own your pleasure promotional corporate female event
    “Spiritual Sexuality: Energy Orgasms”, “Removing internal blocks using guided meditation approach”
  • Dauphine Magazine upscale slumber party
    “Pleasure, Relationships and Play Ideas”
  • Gilda’s Club Toronto
    “Meditation on Body Centered Emotions”
  • University of Toronto (SEC)
    “Open Relationships” “Kink and Mindfulness”
  • Lifestyle Adult Club
    “Polyamory and Open relationships” “Tantric Pleasure”
  • Private Play Dungeon
    “Navigating Kink: Consent, Negotiations, Safety and Fantasies”
  • The Nookie Sex Store
    “Prostate Play and Strap on Basics”
  • Good for Her
    “Relationships Spice” “Energy Orgasms”

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Evguenia teaches the audience members how to embrace their authenticity while healing  deepest wounds and how to fall in love with themselves and experience mind blowing connection and intimacy while embracing their inner guidance.

Topics can be tailored to your needs and may include:

Personal Development

  • From blockages to emotional healing
  • Connection deepening and diving into self love
  • Igniting passion and aligning with one’s authentic self
  • Refining and reaching goals
  • Discovering essence through mindfulness
  • Sensual empowerment

Dating & Relationships

  • Redefining relationships
  • Improving communication skills
  • Exploring the business of dating
  • The road less travelled: Alternative relationships & polyamory
  • Spicing up long term relationships
  • Activating sexuality for couples


Healing & Mindfulness

  • Experiencing peace of mind and stress management
  • Strengthening your energetic potential
  • Mindfully facing anxiety and fears
  • Overcoming challenges while deepening mindful connection with oneself and others

Activated Sexuality

  • Energetic sexuality
  • Breaking down sexual barriers through mindfulness
  • Igniting passion and aligning with one’s authentic self
  • Navigating kink: Consent, negotiations, safety and fantasies


  • Entrepreneurial Event
  • Conference Presentation
  • Women’s Group
  • Product Presentation
  • Educational Seminar
  • Couples’ Retreat


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