Evguenia helps incredible people overcome emotional, sexual, and mental barriers; and create fulfilling lives and relationships filled with love, deep connection, and passion. Through her YouTube channel, newsletters, and programs, Evguenia motivates hundreds of thousands of amazing people like you to experience personal growth, deeper connection, and soulfully sexy bliss.

Evguenia is here to help guide you on your journey toward living an authentically-aligned life full of love, pleasure, self-acceptance, connection, and passion.

Deep within us live two forces – a beautiful expression of our inner essence and self-love as well as powerful energy of vitality and ultimate pleasure called sexuality.

Societal judgments, shame and guilt are some of the blocks that stop complete and free expression of these energies. Internalized, judgments create walls – separating our essence from the entirety of ourselves, blocking our creative expression.

Evguenia’s life’s passion is to teach you holistic, multidimensional (body, mind, heart and soul) tools and evidence-based practices that help you deepen your connection with yourself, boost self confidence, heal trauma and achieve emotional balance, peace of mind as well as experience mind blowing activated sexuality and pleasure.

Evguenia will show you how to embrace your authenticity while healing your deepest wounds and guide you to fall in love with yourself and experience mind blowing connection and intimacy.

What Makes Evguenia unique

Evguenia is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and an active member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree in progress from Yorkville University. She also holds a B.Des. from York University, a Brennan Healing Professional Studies Diploma from the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program (Barbara Brennan School of Healing), as well as an Intensive Sex Therapy Training Program Certificate from the University of Guelph. 

Evguenia’s counseling approach is poly, and kink-positive, supportive of ethical non-monogamy, spiritually open, and 2SLGBTQ+ affirming. She integrates cutting-edge scientific and evidence-based theories with experiential, mindfulness-based traditional healing practices.

Professionally, Evguenia packs 13 years of experience in holistic healing and sexual education, as well as extensive experience in conducting one-on-one, couples, and group sessions focusing on holistic mental health, personal growth, deepening relationships, sexual wellness, polyamory, kink, and more. Evguenia has delivered program/course creation and public speaking engagements for clients including Coca-Cola Vitamin Water XXX, the University of Toronto, York University, Foria, the Everything About Sex Show, and others.

Personally, Evguenia made a 180-degree turn in her life, having come from a very conservative background feeling emotionally and sexually stagnant and blocked off to being fully expressed, authentically aligned, and free to embody who she was deep down. Evguenia’s biggest desire is to help clients discover their gifts and live fuller lives with an abundance of love, pleasure, and passion.

Her exclusive one-on-one sessions and carefully crafted programs teach incredible people like you to powerfully use evidence-based, body-centered psychotherapeutic techniques, energy healing modality, meditative awareness, and breathing techniques to release internal blockages, align with your inner power, and experience vibrant aliveness.

Evguenia also believes in empowering you deeply while treating you with profound caring, inclusion, and respect in a judgment-free space of true safety, openness, and confidentiality as you get to explore such a vulnerable journey.

Evguenia ecstatic to guide you on your journey towards embracing a newly found freedom and self-confidence, discovering your inner gifts, immense passion and authentically aligned life full of love, pleasure, and bliss.

Just in case you were curious, here is what you can expect from working with Evguenia:

Evguenia is passionate about working with individuals, couples and groups, supporting them on their journeys of rediscovering themselves, deepening emotional and intimate connections, improving communication and conflict resolution, overcoming resentments, seamlessly navigating life’s transitions, and embracing more pleasure and passion.

In her sessions, Evguenia fosters an atmosphere of comfort, non-judgmental and open listening, deep trust, confidence, and authenticity. She gently empowers and motivates clients to identify and overcome obstacles, guiding them on the journey toward living authentically aligned lives full of love, pleasure, self-acceptance, connection, open communication, and passion.

Evguenia embraces a non-judgmental, compassionate, and holistic approach that would help you mindfully explore your relationship with yourself, others, and sexuality. Together, we will strive to overcome some of the obstacles that are holding you back from feeling fulfilled, embracing self-confidence, and experiencing more sexual pleasure. During treatment, we will help you deepen connection and intimacy within your relationships and improve communication and conflict resolution and navigate challenging situations and life’s transitions with a greater presence, ease, and grace.

Evguenia’s specialties include: Emotional/Relational Work, Personal Development, Navigating Life’s Transitions (Dating, Marriage Preparation, Uncoupling), LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapy, Sexual Health/Wellness, Non-Monogamous Relationships/Kink, Intimacy & Pleasure Exploration, Trauma Informed.

Evguenia employs Holistic/Mindfulness-based, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), LGBTQ+ Affirmative Couples Therapy and Sex Therapy approaches

Evguenia’s heart’s biggest desire is to help clients discover their gifts and live fuller authentically aligned lives full of love, pleasure, and authenticity. Whenever Evguenia is not involved in program, course or session development or facilitation, she volunteers at organizations such as Sex Education Centre at University of Toronto (Students’ sex education portal) or Gilda’s Club (Registered charity helping cancer patients) to give back.

Some of the past speaking engagements included:

  • Coca Cola / VitaminWater XXX, Nourishment for every “you” campaign
    Multiple presentations focused on self love and sensual expression including Energy Orgasms, Embracing our Sexual self, Relationship Spectrum, Playful Sexuality
  • DoveTail, High net worth women entrepreneur summit
    “Aligning with the truth within and Open / Alternative Relationships”
  • Private female corporate group event
    “Pleasure, Relationship Spice and Multitude of Orgasms”
  • York University
    “Polyamory 101”
  • Own your pleasure promotional corporate female event
    “Spiritual Sexuality: Energy Orgasms”, “Removing internal blocks using guided meditation approach”
  • Dauphine Magazine upscale slumber party
    “Pleasure, Relationships and Play Ideas”
  • Gilda’s Club Toronto
    “Meditation on Body Centered Emotions”
  • University of Toronto (SEC)
    “Open Relationships” “Kink and Mindfulness”
  • Lifestyle Adult Club
    “Polyamory and Open relationships” “Tantric Pleasure”
  • Private Play Dungeon
    “Navigating Kink: Consent, Negotiations, Safety and Fantasies”
  • The Nookie Sex Store
    “Prostate Play and Strap on Basics”
  • Good for Her
    “Relationships Spice” “Energy Orgasms”

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