Unleash synergy of passionate intimacy and sexual well-being

Would you like to overcome sexual shame/guilt, explore your sexual fantasies and create life full of unsurpassed pleasure, confidence and connection?

The topic of sexuality is often surrounded by shame and stigma, making it challenging to discuss. Our gentle, non-judgmental, and compassionate approach fosters an environment where you can openly explore your beliefs and questions, guiding you on a journey to embrace fulfilling experiences of intimacy.

Are You…

  • Struggling with sexual shame/guilt due to conservative upbringing
  • Looking to authentically embrace your inner desires and fantasies
  • Rediscovering yourself while healing from past experiences
  • On a journey to experience the most delicious sensual pleasure, learn sexy techniques while feeling empowered and confident

Welcome to a supportive, safe, non-judgmental, poly and kink-friendly space, free from shame!

Evguenia deeply understands (and has experienced firsthand) some of the shame, guilt, and difficulties surrounding discussions about sexuality. With over 13 years of experience teaching sex education at venues including Coca Cola/Vitamin Water, York University, University of Toronto, and the Everything About Sex show, Evguenia can help you view sexuality as a gateway and playground for achieving higher states of presence, freedom to be yourself, unsurpassed passion, pleasure, and authenticity.

What concerns can you hope to address:

  • Intimacy + connection deepening
  • Adding desire + pleasure
  • Embracing your fantasies
  • Learning new pleasure techniques
  • Releasing sexual shame + guilt
  • Finding suitable partners
  • Addressing Sexual desire discrepancy
  •  Kink + BDSM
  • Overcoming challenging sexual experiences
  • Exploring mindfulness-based sexuality
  • Non-monogamous relationships
  • Overcoming issues with orgasms, sexual performance and erection
  • Gender, sexual identity, orientation

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Unleash your powerful transformation today

Implementing the effective Unleash Synergy method, Evguenia initiates with a personalized roadmap, engages in collaborative evidence-based and experiential therapeutic work, and offers homework materials such as fun practices, meditations, and handouts for seamless session integration



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