Unleash synergy of holistic healing and the power of human energy field

Would you like to experience holistic, mindfulness-based professional energy therapy that helps release blockages and embrace a deeply powerful experiential state of wellness

Embarking on the journey of energetic healing and universal oneness can be profoundly transformative. Energy work reconnects us with our deepest selves, integrating body, mind, heart, and soul in a powerful way.

Are You…

  • Struggling to overcome obstacles and feeling unfulfilled in multiple areas of your life
  • Looking to embrace a body-based healing approach rather than traditional talk therapy
  • Wanting to reconnect with disconnected parts of yourself
  • On a journey to experience multidimensional unity with all parts of yourself and discover energetic/tantric sexuality

Thank you for coming here!

Evguenia has not only navigated and transformed numerous personal obstacles and pains but is also deeply committed to guiding you on your own healing path. With over 13 years of dedicated training and experience in providing profoundly healing, compassionate, and transformative sessions, Evguenia upholds a standard of integrity that consistently serves the greater good in every session.

What concerns can you hope to address:

  • Relationship with self
  • Self-esteem + Confidence
  • Emotional, physical and mental balance
  • Relational transformation
  • Intention manifestation
  • Spiritual connection
  • Life transitions
  • Stress + anxiety
  • Shame + stigma
  • Grief + sadness
  • Chronic illness
  • Intimacy + connection deepening
  • Energetic pleasure techniques
  • Healing after challenging sexual experiences
  • Exploring mindfulness-based sexuality
  • Embracing sexual energy
  • Sexual magic and prosperity

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Unleash your powerful transformation today

Implementing the effective Unleash Synergy method, Evguenia initiates with a personalized roadmap, engages in collaborative evidence-based and experiential therapeutic work, and offers homework materials such as fun practices, meditations, and handouts for seamless session integration



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