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Thank you for joining the Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Course, Module 4!

I’d like to acknowledge you for your thirst for knowledge, open mind and heart, willingness to practice, experiment and play! You rock!
Please enjoy instructional videos, detailed reading materials, fun homework and sensually healing meditations! Let our exciting journey begin!

Using this this program is as simple as 1, 2 and 3:

Each Session contains the following elements for you to explore:

  1. Watch state of the art course videos to receive in-depth knowledge and learn simple yet powerful experientials to excel
  2. Read suggested chapters and access detailed course materials, homework assignments and handouts
  3. Enjoy and practice recorded meditations / healing to experience a powerful shift body, mind, heart and soul


To access your reading materials and meditation / healing files, homework reflections, handouts and deep practices please see each Session and go to Course Materials Section.


Please upload your answers to the Assignments window at the end of each Session two business days prior to our next class. I will reach out with homework reflections.


If you have any feedback or technical support questions, please go to Helpful Links and Feedback Section or reach out via email to connect 😉

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