Would you like to deepen the connection with yourself and others, overcome your emotional, mental and spiritual blockages; and create lives full of unsurpassed passion, pleasure & authenticity? Or are you here to learn how to find a partner of your dreams, experience the most delicious sensual techniques and feel empowered and confident? You’ve come to the right place!

Join me in a beautiful judgement-free and profoundly safe space as we dive into highly effective proven techniques for personal transformation, connection deepening and healing. Our sessions together start with a Deep Dive session that is centered around roadmap process flow: assessment, healing, discovery, action and realization. Our work will be enlightening, invigorating, holistic, multidimensional and mindfulness-based (body, mind, heart and soul). Below is the powerful framework process we will follow.

Unleash your limitless potential today

Personal Growth

Let me help you transform your life and embrace your full potential. Join me on the holistic, mindfulness-based journey towards awakening your confidence, experiencing emotional healing, activating sexuality and diving into the power of self love. 

Feeling stuck and blocked off? Learn how to break free from limitations.

Release physical and mental blockages and stop holding yourself back.

Tune into yourself: simple 5 step formula to free yourself from being held back.

Dating & Relationships

I’m happy to guide you on your dating or relationship deepening journey following a personally embodied, expansive and proven work process. I’ll help you let go of old relationship patterns, redefine your goals when it comes to connection building, guide you in a dating process to find a partner of your dreams and embrace your full pleasure-filled potential as a couple.

Healing Transformation

Along with science-based methodologies for restructuring the brains cognitive functions, our approach is multidimensional in nature. Together we experience an intellectual thought / belief restructuring, deep transformational emotional work, mindfulness and healing-based experientials to achieve the most powerful healing results.

Activated Sexuality

Allow me to guide into a world of self love, powerful confidence, pleasure and connected intimacy. Using mindfulness-based healing approach, I’ll help you connect deeper with your inner desires. We will start setting intentions and release obstacles that are holding you back from living the most passionate pleasure-filled, authentically-aligned life you could ever imagine.

Feeling stuck and blocked off? Learn how to break free from limitations.

Release physical and mental blockages and stop holding yourself back.

Tune into yourself: simple 5 step formula to free yourself from being held back.

about evguenia

I help successful professionals overcome their emotional, sexual and mental blockages; and create lives and relationships full of love, deep connection and passion.

I’m an accredited Energy Therapist, a Passionate Sexuality Guide, a Master of Counselling Psychology candidate and a graduate from the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program.

Personally, I made a 180 degree turn in my life, having come from a very conservative background from feeling emotionally, sexually and spiritually stagnant and blocked off to being fully expressed, authentically aligned and free to embody who I am deep down inside.

Professionally, I pack over 10 years of Healing and Expressive Arts education as well as extensive experience in helping successful professionals overcome emotional, sexual and mental blockages; and create lives full of confidence, pleasure and freedom of choice. Through my YouTube channel, newsletters and programs, I motivate hundreds of thousands of amazing people to experience deeper connection, hot passion and soulfully sexy bliss.

I’m wholeheartedly ecstatic to offer my one-on-one guidance, courses and certification training that allow you to embrace a newly found freedom and self-confidence, discover your inner gifts, immense passion and authentically aligned life full of love, pleasure, and bliss.

"I gained a lot of self-awareness, knowledge, released blockages and allowed more pure, blissful energy in! I feel super happy. Oh wow!"

Personal Transformation & Activated Sexuality, Mel




Please check out my transformative courses, speaking engagements and programs that will give you all the education you need to experience deep emotional healing, epic relational happiness and powerfully activated sexuality … or even become an Energy Orgasm Certification Practitioner yourself with my 5 month professional certification course.



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